Randy Wang’s name is not actually Randy Wang but it’s so similar it might as well be. An L.A. native, Randy has been in LA radio for 13 Years working with heavyweights like Adam Carolla, Tim Conway Jr, Brian Whitman and Doug Mcintyre

He Currently Is The Sports Guy On “The Morning Drive” on Talk Radio 790 KABC where he was won 2 Golden Mic Awards From The Southern California Radio Television News Association for “Best Sports Segment” – He Can Be Heard Mornings From 6-10AM on AM790 and KABC.com

Randy also hosted The Pretty Good Podcast with Gina Grad from 2009-2015

Randy currently hosts The Randy Wang Show, a daily podcast for KABC that brings you daily local news, state news, and weird news from around the world as well as weekly segments like “TV Tuesday” “Weed Wednesday” and “Fast Food Friday”